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Public Benefits

Summit Carbon Solutions carbon capture and storage project will provide significant benefits to the ethanol industry, farmers, local communities and more.

  • Ethanol Industry: The ethanol industry contributes $50 billion to the gross domestic product of the United States every year, supports 400,000 jobs, and purchases approximately half of all the corn grown in the country. Summit Carbon Solutions and other carbon capture and storage projects will allow ethanol plant partners to sell their product at a premium in the growing number of markets that pay more for low carbon fuels.
  • Farmers: Farmers currently sell half of all their corn crops to ethanol plants. Ensuring ethanol remains strong also helps ensure a strong end market for corn, which will also help maintain strong land values and commodity prices.
  • Local Communities: Every year, the Summit Carbon Solutions project will pay nearly $100 million in new state and local taxes to help fund critical priorities such as education, road construction, public safety, and more.
  • The SCS project will create ~11,000 temporary jobs during construction and ~1,100 permanent jobs after the project is completed and becomes operational.   During construction, local businesses across the project footprint will experience a significant increase in demand for products and services (hotels, fuel, food, miscellaneous materials,etc.).