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Pipelines already in Operation

There are 3.3 million miles of pipelines in active operation across the United States. Moreover, in the five states where our project is proposed to operate, there are approximately 173,000 miles of pipeline already in service today.

From carbon capture technology to the CO2 line system to the CO2 sequestration sites, the Summit Carbon Solutions project is utilizing long-standing, proven, and reliable technologies that are safe for landowners and the communities where our project is proposed to be located. The equipment, materials, and people we utilize on this project will reflect that commitment.

  • At our partner ethanol facilities, CO2 capture, dehydration, and compression equipment will be installed to capture CO2 emissions currently permitted and released. CO2 capture, dehydration, and compression is an established process that has already been deployed at more than 40 ethanol plants across the United States. 
  • CO2 lines of varying sizes (four-to-24-inch nominal diameter) and pumpstations will safely transport CO2 from the ethanol plants to the sequestration sites in North Dakota. There are already more than 5,000 miles of CO2 lines in the U.S., all of which are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. There have been zero fatalities or public injuries requiring hospitalizations associated with CO2 lines over the past 20 years.
  • Captured CO2 will be safely and permanently stored in geologic storage areas in North Dakota. Wells will be drilled over a mile below ground where CO2 can be stored safely based on the robust regulations and strict requirements put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency.