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Following the Dakota Access project, the state of Iowa adopted new and far more stringent requirements around the land restoration involved in new pipeline projects. Some of these new regulations include:

  • A detailed in-field topsoil survey prior to construction that requires multiple measurements every 500 feet.
  • Deep tillage at least 18 inches deep on crop ground and 12 inches deep on pasture ground prior to topsoil replacement to alleviate compaction concerns.
  • Topsoil stockpile stabilization using seeding and mulch or soil tackifier to protect topsoil quality.

These new requirements would be in place for any of the carbon capture and storage projects being proposed here in Iowa, including the one Summit Carbon Solutions has proposed.

Additionally, the individual counties where our project is located will all hire inspectors, at Summit’s expense, to ensure that the company meets or exceeds the commitments included in our land restoration plan.