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Land Restoration

Summit Carbon Solutions is a Midwest-based company rooted in agriculture and committed to forming meaningful partnership with landowners. As part of that commitment, the company will utilize a comprehensive plan to ensure land is restored to its original condition following the construction of the system.

When it comes to drain tile, Summit Carbon Solutions, and Ellingson as our primary drain tile vendor, will be responsible for any and all drain tile repairs resulting from the construction throughout the entire life of the project. That means the company will pay the entirety of these repairs after construction and at any point while the system is operating. The key point is that the costs associated with this work will not be the responsibility of the landowner. Ellingson has longstanding experience in this area and has successfully worked across the Midwest on farms where the tiling system ranges from fairly straightforward to incredibly complex.

Summit Carbon Solutions will compensate landowners for any impact to crop production, including 100% the first year after construction, 80% the second year, and 60% the third year.