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Enhanced Oil Recovery

The Summit Carbon Solutions project will not be used for enhanced oil recovery. The permits we have filed, which specifies exactly what we are requesting from regulators, note clearly that our project is about the permanent sequestration of CO2.

  • Iowa Permit: “The Summit Carbon Solutions Pipeline System (“Pipeline”) will transport carbon dioxide (“CO2”) from participating ethanol plants in Iowa and other midwestern states to North Dakota for permanent sequestration.”
  • South Dakota Permit: “The Applicant proposes to build a carbon capture and sequestration Project that will initially move up to 12 million metric tons per annum (MMTPA) of carbon dioxide (CO2), with the potential for further expansion, from participating industrial facilities in South Dakota, as well as CO2 from facilities in Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska to a sequestration site in North Dakota, where the CO2 will be safely and permanently stored.”

Additionally, Summit Carbon Solutions’ sequestration site outside of Bismarck, North Dakota is entirely separate and apart from the Bakken or other areas where enhanced oil recovery is possible. The company is investing $100 million in its permanent storage locations in North Dakota.